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The first scene we ever shot was the shower scene in the pilot. So we had only met one other time and then we literally, our first day on set, our first scene we’re like “OK, let’s take a shower together, you know?“And it was amazing… We were so comfortable and the chemistry we have comes across on camera. It’s really, really cool. - Laura Prepon

I wasn’t sure what was happening. I just missed her. I missed having her to work with. I was really happy when that all got resolved. […] I would not have been able to handle [her leaving]. - Taylor Schilling

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I think Ellen speaks for us all.

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Now I like her even more


Now I like her even more

I don’t care where your hands are going to be, I trust you, touch me wherever the hell you want.

Taylor Schilling being super gay with Laura Prepon (via someonedropaboob)

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Possibly one of my favorite pictures on the Internet


Possibly one of my favorite pictures on the Internet

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1969 Tina Turner

By Jack Robinson

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me too, jean, me too

being eren is suffering

(this au (they are in their early twenties) is tagged snk old farts)

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The Kafkaesque nightmare begins with a question: “Why is it that you don’t want the faster speed? Help me understand why you don’t want faster internet.” Block responds: “Help me understand why you can’t just disconnect us.” This mind-numbing exchange repeats itself over and over for eight grueling minutes.

Hellish Comcast Call Sets New Standard for Shitty Customer Service (via wilwheaton)

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Why is Derek mean to Stiles most times?

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Chris Pratt: New EW Portraits

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